„Förderung und Stärkung der deutsch-britischen Beziehungen in den Bereichen Kultur, Politik, Wissenschaft und Wirtschaft“

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Über die DBG e.V.

The Deutsch-Britische Gesellschaft München e.V. has set itself the goal of deepening German-British relations in the cultural, political, scientific and economic fields.

To this end, the society organizes monthly lectures by expert speakers from these areas. The lectures will be held in German or English. At the conclusion of the lecture, an open discussion takes place over a glass of wine.

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Dienstag, 24.05.2022 

Boyd McCleary

Global Britain

Boyd McCleary studied German at Queen’s University Belfast and then joined the Northern Ireland Civil Service, where he spent three years in the Department of Agriculture. He went to the British Embassy in Bonn in 1975 as Agricultural Attache and subsequently transferred to the Diplomatic Service. After a spell in London with responsibility for UK‐German relations, he had postings to South Korea, Turkey, Canada. He returned to London as Head of the Foreign office’s Property Department and was in charge of the construction of the new British Embassy in Berlin. He then served as British Consul‐General in Dusseldorf, British High Commissioner to Malaysia and Governor of the British Virgin Islands. Boyd retired in 2014. 

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