DBG-München Directors

The Deutsch-Britische Gesellschaft München e.V. (DBG-München e.V.) was founded in the 1950s with the aim of deepening mutual cultural, political, scientific and economic relations and helping to bring the people of both nations closer together by promoting mutual understanding.

The events focus on public lectures by outstanding personalities from the fields of culture, politics, science and economics followed by a discussion. In addition, the association organizes for its members a summer party and a Christmas party as well as museum and cinema visits and excursions to relevant events. The German-British Society offers many opportunities for exchanging and discussing German-British topics.

The Deutsch-Britische Gesellschaft München e.V. is a member

of the Deutsch-Britischen Gesellschaften Network.

Vice President:
Vice President
(Ex Officio)
Programme Director:
Dr. Thomas Wegener
Christa Hohenadl
Simon Kendall
British Consul General
Ulrike Wegener
Dr. Karin Herrmann
Raphaela Loosen